Why Should Your Company Outsource IT Services?

In today’s highly competitive environment, outsourcing as a business case has become increasingly popular and essential to the success of small, medium and large enterprises. There are many definitions of outsourcing, putting simply; outsourcing is contracting with another company to do a particular function. There are several types of outsourcing depending on the industry such as technology services outsourcing, and business planning outsourcing (BPO).

There are so many benefits in outsourcing but some of the most important ones are as follows:

  • 33% cost reduction
  • 34% gain access to other IT resources that are not available internally
  • 31% free up internal resources and capacities
  • 28% improve business operation and focus more on costumers
  • 37% accelerate company projects overall
  • 15% gain access to external expertise

If you are looking to outsource, why not outsource your IT services to Southeast Europe?
It is obvious that businesses are looking to reduce ICT costs, improve service delivery, enable growth and innovation and have access to specialised skills, as well as having a reliable partner and supplier of IT-related services within other domains.

According to some industry sources, the Southeast Europe region has become an attractive location for ICT outsourcing, because of the low cost of IT workers (cheaper than that of Indian providers) and the large number of highly educated, multilingual and experienced IT professionals there.

The region also has the youngest population in Europe, is strategically located in a time zone close to major Western European countries, has EU compatible laws, free access to EU and US markets. Euro is the official currency, has a low tax burden and straightforward tax system and has a closer cultural link to the rest of Europe, enabling companies to reduce some of the problems that can result from working with companies with different cultural backgrounds.In addition, recent studies indicate that companies in the US are also looking for alternative partners in Southeast Europe.

As can be seen, SE Europe is a highly attractive destination and is becoming an outsourcing and BPO hub in the heart of Europe; therefore, companies should consider seriously outsourcing their IT services to this region and build a business partnership with key players such as a Kosbit: the leading IT outsourcing company.

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