Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Attend VMworld 2018

Welcome to VMworld 2018 US

The best in technology conferences is coming up very soon! VMware is sponsoring two digital infrastructure events, known as VMworld 2018.

You have two chances to get in on the ground floor of these top conferences, but you need to act quickly.  One is taking place right now, from August 26-30 in Las Vegas.  Great speakers, great networking, and it’s not too late.  The other event is VMworld Europe taking place November 5-8 in beautiful Barcelona.

VMworld offers incredible opportunities for networking, training, and the latest insights into current and future trends related to digital infrastructure technology and transformation.  As a partner of VMware, we believe it’s well worth the time based on what you will learn and bring back to your teams.
Make new connections, register for hands-on labs, discover and test out new product breakthroughs, and learn!  VMware executives and SMEs will be there to answer questions, meet attendees, lead workshops and conduct keynote addresses.

Still thinking about it?  Here are the top 7 good reasons why you should attend VMworld 2018:

1.  Empower your professional career and learn new products

Dive into hundreds of breakout sessions offering best practices and technologies that surpass all expectations.


2.  Network, network, network with other attendees

Here’s your chance to make partnerships and share ideas with other experts in their fields.

3. Preview technology’s next chapter

VMware executives and experts sound off on the latest trends and technologies, and things that are on the cutting edge of tomorrow’s technology.


4. Go wild with the hands-on labs

Roll up your sleeves and test the latest and greatest technologies first-hand at the VMware labs.


5. We exist to certify

Show your employer that you can bring it forward with VMware certifications.


6. Expand your technological horizons

Connect with hundreds of VMware partners to see how they enhance VMware technologies and then take their ideas home to your company!  Be the hero!


7. Party like an IT rock star

Take a break from stuffing your brain and attend one of VMware’s legendary parties.   What happens in Vegas and Barcelona stays there!

What are you waiting for?  VMworld starts with you so explore the possibilities and plan your VMworld 2018 experience right now!

Learn, train, and party! To learn more, visit