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Helping companies make the right system integration choices and deliver the best business outcome

  • Our Systems Integrators Experts (MCSE) focus on simple and efficient integration supports your system integration initiatives to deliver comprehensive solutions.
  • As a partner of Microsoft, VMware, IBM, HP, & Symantec, Kosbit is your trusted and reliable partner for the design, implementation and support of your systems.
  • Kosbit, a leading IT outsourcing company, can help you combine proactive planning, preventative maintenance, and a solid backup plan to ensure your business system’s integrity and security. In the event of a disaster, a properly structured network and system backup will ensure quick and efficient data restoration. We can help you reduce your overall cost by optimizing your network utilization, and by eliminating unnecessary infrastructure. We will help you plan your Network Structure to meet the capacity and resiliency requirements of current business needs and your plans for growth.
  • Kosbit will secure your systems by stopping spam, viruses, and malware from ever entering your company’s email inbox. In the event of a data or security breach, we will also help you recover and resume operations quickly.
  • Kosbit solutions and services help your organization avoid disruptive events and quickly return to “business as usual” should they occur.

  • Disaster recovery (DR) is a holistic strategy including people, processes, policies, and technologies. It focuses on restoring the IT systems critical to supporting business functions.
  • Our disaster recovery specialists can review your environment and propose a mix of resiliency tools that can help you achieve your recovery targets—all within your budget.

  • Consolidating servers and storage systems with visualization can help your business reduce costs and avoid unnecessary hardware investments. Kosbit can help you develop a visualization strategy that allows your business to reduce the number of servers, storage, and network devices to reduce network complexity and simplify your IT management.

  • Instant messaging has proven to be similar to personal computers, email, and the World Wide Web, in that its adoption for use as a business communications medium was driven primarily by individual employees using consumer software at work, rather than by formal mandate or provisioning by corporate information technology departments.
    Our consultants are expert in Microsoft Exchange, Unix and Linux mail systems.
    We can build and administering your messaging environment, our staff have performed platform migrations and upgrades for different institutions on different sectors.
    Kosbit will manage messaging services to have more effectively e-mail infrastructure.


Unified communication encompasses several communication systems or models including unified messaging, collaboration, and interaction systems real-time and near real-time communications; and transnational applications.The Unified communication solutions involve breaking down collaborations barriers so that people using different modes of communication, different media, and different devices can still communicate to anyone, anywhere, at any time.

The goal of unified communication involves on:

  • Allowing users to access voice, e-mail, fax and other mixed media from a single mailbox independent of the access device.
  • Collaboration and interaction systems focus on applications such as calendaring, scheduling, workflow, integrated voice response (IVR), and other enterprise applications that help individuals and work groups communicate efficiently.
  • Improved system to support users on any device, from any location, at any time.
  • Avoided cost and complexity of running phone lines to every desk.
  • Optimized team performance by simplifying collaboration.
  • Increased customer satisfaction.
  • Lowered space, power, and cooling costs using our conferencing solutions.

When you add visualization, network layouts, and storage networks to the mix, traditional server hardware and operating system-specific tools simply can’t keep pace and provide the end-to-end, unified view you need. We can quickly and easily see the performance and availability of server and operating system components for all of the different types of servers and operating systems running in your environment.

We offer Implementing effective system monitoring and you will have these benefits:

  • Increased server, services, and application availability.
  • Fast detection of network outages and protocol failures.
  • Fast detection of failed services and processes.

Systems optimization is an ongoing process involving the use of data to manage and optimize productivity and quality. Optimization algorithms that automatically determine service levels uniquely for each item to achieve an aggregate target while minimizing or maximizing a business objective. Our staff can help you to manage and secure your device, enabling monitoring, and deployment features.

Information technology (IT) plays a critical role in many businesses.
If you own or manage a business that makes use of IT, it is important to identify risks to your IT systems and data, to reduce or manage those risks, and to develop a response plan in the event of an IT crisis.
Kosbit have legal obligations in relation to privacy, electronic transactions, and staff training that influence IT risk management strategies.
IT risks include hardware and software failure, human error, spam, viruses and malicious attacks etc.
We can manage IT risks by completing a business risk assessment.
Our Engineers have a business continuity plan that can help your business recover from an IT incident and helps you to understand that IT risks and provides information about ways to prepare for and respond to IT incidents.

To get stable and reliable performance across servers, desktops and storage, the firm first needed to improve its network. Upgrade is a new version of or addition to a hardware or, more often, software product that is already installed or in use. Kosbit is focused on keeping your systems Updated and running smoothly.

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