Outsourcing in Kosovo and its Perception Management

Outsourcing in Kosovo and its Perception Management

Perception Management is defined as: ‘’Actions to convey and/or deny selected information and indicators to foreign audiences to influence their emotions, motives, and objective reasoning as well as to intelligence systems and leaders to influence official estimates, ultimately resulting in foreign behaviors and official actions favorable to the originator’s objectives’’ – Kenneth Eade, bestselling author of the Brent Marks Legal Thriller Series.

This is a military version of the definition of perception management, but if we intend to provide a more civilian version of it, we could call it the ability to make the real picture look like a different picture, by using advertising methods such as social media and other propaganda resources.

The closest definition of Perception Management in the business sector has been propounded by Chris Komisarjevsky, CEO of Burson Marsteller who quotes: Perception Management is basically a methodology which helps us while we work with our clients to go through a very systematic thoughtful process in order to be able to help our clients identify what resources they have, what are their barriers for being successful, and how we can use communications tools( internet, social media, TV etc) to help them accomplish their objectives.

Perception Management Kosovo

In terms of relating Perception Management with the Outsourcing Services industry, we need to bear in mind what the thought processes are with workers who are not associated with outsourcing and what their thoughts are about the Outsourcing sector in Kosovo.

When talking about outsourcing ICT services in Europe, there isn’t a more appropriate place than Kosovo. This statement is measured  by reviewing capabilities in terms of youth education levels and their commitment to the ICT sector. This is a socio-economic development in Kosovo that can’t be ignored and is poised to play a dominant role in the future of the country’s burgeoning IT industry.

With the aim of enhancing Perception Management in terms of outsourcing in the Kosovo, we are setting the stage for different worker types to be involved and the number of workers in terms of the overall worker population which keeps growing dramatically in the Kosovan business sector.

Business Sector in Kosovo

At first glance unemployed Kosovan workers have solid skills speaking foreign languages or even bilingual abilities – They view the outsourcing sector as a potential opportunity for future employment, and these are the ones who have difficulties getting a job in this promising sector. Considering this population constitutes  35% of the overall population in the Kosovo, it holds promise for the Kosovo to become a potential outsourcing paradise for foreign developed ICT companies.

Secondly, we have a segment of the population whose skills have become obsolete. Their conservative job orientation viewpoint, “doesn’t believe in the virtual progression of the world”, and they want to leave things as they are. Since younger workers dominates Kosovo’s demographics (61% of the population are from 20 to 50years old), and the youth of Kosovo are the most progressive in Europe, regarding globalization in the business sector, this group is slowly retiring or becoming fewer in number in the workforce. Each day more progressive minded people enter this work sector who are developing concepts to provide a more modernistic, progressive credible and reliable values to the Kosovo labor market.

Thirdly, these new youthful, progressive workers are entering many different occupations but they second guess their decision – making processes whether to join the outsourcing market by adhering to their professional expertise and hesitant to leave their current jobs to contribute to this sector which is becoming one of the critical motivators in reducing the unemployment rates in the Kosovo, which does remain high in some critical industries and occupations.

The above mentioned worker types represents the internal perception management of Kosovans in regards to the Outsourcing Sector. But, in order to get a clear picture of the “Perception Management” as a concept in regards to Outsourcing sector in Kosovo, we need to see the external factors that defends and defines this concept, meaning there should be an analyses of, how Western developed countries see the Kosovo as an Outsourcing/Offshoring location.
Need work Kosovo

According to a New York Times article, it says that a Wise Outsourcing strategy by developed companies can bring some very productive benefits such as: Control capital costs, Increase efficiency, Reduce labor costs, Quick development of new projects, core business focus, Reduction of risk etc. All these elements brings a large commodity to a company that strive to go through an economic expansion in the era of large scale business globalization.

Thus, the largest benefit of outsourcing in Kosovo, in terms of foreign companies, would come as a response against individual freelancers who work for those companies (counting more than 50million only in U.S), which is a very insecure form of work. As a result of the freelancers ability to leave the job whenever they find another one that offers more, it creates a huge discrepancy on the workforce for these companies.

Love my Job Kosbit

Taking into account the exceptional job ethics of Kosovans, and the increased responsibility of outsourcing companies, the results are very positive. Outsourcing companies focus on attention  to backup plans, while providing an organized workforce with affordable positive conditions for their employees, thus increasing their sustainability.
According to an unofficial poll, only 3% of employees in outsourcing firms in the Kosovo, leave their jobs within a fiscal year, which is a low percentage in comparison to other companies in different sectors of business that achieves unemployment numbers as high as 10 – 15%.

Finally Kosovan outsourcing firms provide well for foreign technically advanced companies, to offshore and outsource their products and services in Kosovo, and in this way they achieve desirable strategic goals on their long term forecasting and projections.

The readiness, willingness and the professional ability of Kosovan is there waiting for these companies, and as a popular Kosovo expression goes:  “Certainly we won’t leave you in mud” .