ITIL: The Right Framework for IT Outsourcing Services

ITIL Best Practices for IT Service Management
It was not long ago that organisations did all their functions internally, hiring into the company all services relevant to their needs. Today, it is quite common for many organisations to hire individuals and companies from the outside to provide common services as diverse as HR to accounting. The same is coming true for Information Technology or IT services.

IT Outsourcing Today
It’s no surprise that an increasing number of businesses are examining IT outsourcing services.
This is because the basic business drivers remain the same;
– Reduce Support Costs
– Improve Efficiency
– Improve Customer Relations
– Design Better Operations
– Create Competitive Advantage
– Boost Innovation
– Strategic & Valued Partner

These factors are necessary for organisations to survive in today’s competitive world. So, it is little wonder that there is greater emphasis on finding the right IT outsourcing company to handle the needs of the business. Creating and implementing the proper IT Infrastructure Library or ITIL frameworks is crucial to gaining more control over the resources and services that IT provides.

“After 15 years, the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is finally becoming the de facto standard methodology for internal IT service deliver processes. The final breakthrough will come in early 2005, when ITIL finally makes the shift from describing service delivery processes – the ‘what’ – to helping organisations actually implement these processes and measure service quality – the ‘how’. Widespread adoption of ITIL best practices by internal IT departments will follow through to 2008.” – Forrester.

Since that time, the words of Forrester have become true for organisations around the world. The ITIL framework is now helping businesses of many different types expand their services to clients and customers.

How the ITIL Lifecycle Works for Organisations
The primary objective of the ITIL framework is to assist business organisations to improve their IT service as well as service management procedures. The emphasis is to find the IT best practices that will ensure the right objectives for businesses that meet the needs of their customers. This means hiring the right IT outsourcing company which provides the right services that lift the organisation’s efforts in addressing the needs of their customers.

The ITIL lifecycle consists of five phases;

  1. Service Strategy
  2. Service Design
  3. Service Transition
  4. Service Operation
  5. Continual Service Improvement

 ITIL: The Right Framework for IT Outsourcing Services Kosbit

Each of the phases must be properly addressed in the IT framework. This means that the IT outsourcing services must include each phase and have them work together properly. The overall direction will come from the organisation itself, but it is the IT outsourcing company that must provide the expertise in delivering the required services.

This means that the overall strategy, design, transition, operation, and improvement of the continual services fall under the auspices of the IT outsourcing company. They will provide the expertise, products, and dedication to ensure the success of the organisation when it comes to following the ITIL best practices. The advantages of creating the proper ITIL framework when using knowledgeable, experienced professionals that come from outsourcing are well worth the costs. Especially since the price is less than trying to hire internally the personnel you need to excel with your IT services.

ITIL has become the de facto framework and best practice for IT Service Management. ITIL it’s not only the right model for managing internal IT service but also as an effective model for managing IT outsourcing services and relationship between an IT service provider and customers. Furthermore, ITIL helps ease the process of all the phases of the relationship that includes certification of the IT outsourcing provider, Service Level Agreement (SLA), Operational Level Agreements and Underpinning Contracts. Interested to learn more about ITIL and how to develop a best practice framework for your organisation? Get in touch – we would love to help.