Accountability is defined as demonstrating the ownership necessary for achieving desired results and it has become common practice for all members within the organisation to ask themselves what else can be done to rise above the circumstances and achieve the desired results.


Committing to a great product, service, and other initiatives that impact lives within and outside the organisation. Our ability to plan, organise, focus on and execute on programs driven to align the objectives at hand is enhanced by our commitment to achieving a consistent result every time and right the first time.


Professionalism is the culmination of competence, knowledge, resourcefulness, quality, attitude, and cooperation related to how we provide our professional services. As a leading IT outsourcing company, Kosbit strives to provide its clients with not only a superb finished product but also with an exceptional experience over the entire course of a project. While it is important to be recognized for quality and knowledge, it is also essential to leave our clients with a positive view of our company. Demonstration of a positive attitude, competence, and cooperation on all levels creates an immeasurable positive impact when it comes to a client choosing to return to the firm or recommending our services to another potential client, thus leading to growth.

Customer Service

Every single core value links back to this primary umbrella term – customer service entails communication, accountability, integrity, professionalism, cooperation, diligence, to provide an exceptional product with even more exceptional service along the way.


Working with people is an absolute necessity. This is best accomplished with debate and meaningful discussion to find the best conclusion and eventual consensus. A generally accepted and implemented corporate culture is essential to cooperation in the workplace. Corporate culture does not mean all employees are like-minded.


In an industry that relies on innovation, distinctive capabilities, and fresh ideas, growth is imperative not an option. It is absolutely necessary that we commit to creating prosperity for all parties involved to create economic security and financial gain for their endeavors. Kosbit strives to foster growth in our organisation for both the organisation as a whole as well as for our individual staff members. Supporting continuing education opportunities, pursuing new opportunities and encouraging alternative Certifications and/or education creates an atmosphere of teamwork and camaraderie and expands our capabilities and strengthens our company’s core. It is imperative that our employees seek out and succeed in their own professional growth.


Work with perseverance, work ethic, commitment, drive, passion, sense of urgency, effort, or resourcefulness. More importantly, diligence is an understanding of what a priority is and what can be set aside for the time being. Understanding the clients reasonable needs usurp those that are not project-related within the company. Diligence should exist hand-in-hand with customer service, a drive to provide a quality product, and service no matter the obstacles.

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