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Partnering with leading technology leaders to provide you with ICT solutions needed to improve your efficiency and bottom line

We, at Kosbit, strongly believe that partnerships are crucial elements to the business success and growth. In today’s globalised world, creating and maintaining partnerships is essential to remain competitive and productive, as well as helping companies have access to recourses, products, and solutions.

As a leading IT outsourcing company, Kosbit offers a wide range of ICT services by working closely with our partners such as; Cisco, Brocade, Intel, Dell, IBM, Juniper Networks, Telefonica, Amazon AWS, Oracle, Avaya, Samsung, CBNL, Orange, EMC, Microsoft, Fujitsu, F5 Networks, Sophos, Veeam, Red Hat, Symantec, Citrix, and Trend Micro; so, we are always looking to create partnerships with well-known technology companies to build mutual relationships. This will help us in acquiring new customers, increasing market share and having access to markets such as Southeast Europe/Balkan, which according to World Bank study, is the fastest growing ICT market.

Another advantage of building a partnership with us is that both businesses can increase revenue, resources and align their strategic objectives that complement each other; thus, as a partner, Kosbit provides access to a new market, new customers, and high reach which in turn means increasing revenue.

We have a presence in Southeast Europe/Balkan as well as in the UK, which enables firms like yours to expand geographic reach, either through reselling or distribution. Moreover, being a partner with your firm enables us to provide more complete, customised solutions and more choices to our customers. We also believe that partnering with key technology partners enables both of us to grow together, enter new markets, follow IT outsourcing trends, and deploy new technologies in a growing market.

So, if you are looking to expand into new emerging markets such as Southeast Europe/Balkan, offering and diversify your products and services, adding sharing resources or more; get in touch with Kosbit at about the new ways your business could grow through partnerships.

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