Case Study

Case Study | IT Outsourcing Services | Network Engineering Design

Client: Pharmacy Dea
Industry: Healthcare
Location: Pristina, SE Europe


The business market has changed significantly in the past ten years because the internet has grown while companies have come to rely on the internet for communications. Many companies are adapting to the current world by hand-selecting technology vendors, to create solutions that fit their business and IT goals. Yet, many do not have the staffing resources and expertise to manage each challenge and technology component separately. And is not likely that each IT company can solve complex issues that may arise in existing legacy technology.

The Pharmacy Dea told us in Kosbit that they need a new technology that focuses not on individual products, but on the solution as a whole. One that provides a primary point of contact, making it simple to start a case and get their issue resolved.
Kosbit has recommended a virtual private network (VPN) which allows a private data network to make use of the public telecommunication infrastructure, maintaining privacy through the use of a tunnelling protocol and security procedures.
The main purpose of Kosbit is to provide Pharmacy Dea a VPN solution, the same capabilities as private lines at much lower cost, by using the shared public infrastructure. A virtual private network makes it possible to have the same protected sharing of public resources for data.

Customer challenge

Pharmacy Dea uses legacy technology in the main office and in other branches too. The privacy afforded by this legacy technology was only that the communications provider assured the Pharmacy that no one else would use the same circuit. This allowed Pharmacy to have their own IP addressing and their security policies. A leased circuit ran through one or more communications switches, any of which could be compromised by someone wanting to observe the network traffic. The customer Pharmacy Dea trusted us in Kosbit for VPN Design/Implementation to maintain the integrity of the circuits and to use the best available business practices to avoid snooping of the network traffic.

Pharmacy Dea was faced with following challenges
• Not scalable
• Issue with services uptime and response
• Difficult to troubleshoot when they had a network issue

Kosbit solutions

The main reason that Kosbit recommended DMVPNs to Pharmacy Dea was to send sensitive information over the Internet without needing to worry about who might have seen the information. Everything that went over a secure VPN is encrypted to such a level that even if someone captured a copy of the traffic, they could not read the traffic due to high encryption.
This allowed the Pharmacy Dea to use their own private IP addressing schemes and possibly let them handle their own routeing. The customer trusted that the paths will be maintained according to an agreement and people whom the customer does not trust (such as an attacker) cannot either change the paths of any part of the VPN or insert traffic on the VPN. Note that it is usually impossible for a customer to know the paths used by trusted VPNs, or even to confirm that a trusted VPN is in place; the costumer always trusts Kosbit solution when integrity and security are the most concern.

Kosbit highly recommends using resilient Hub and Spoke Topology
• All the features of basic hub and spoke design apply
• Spokes connect to two or more hubs for resiliency
• Based on routeing traffic can be distributed to both hubs or can always be sent to primary Hub


Using VPN technology, a pharmacist can essentially take their pharmacy office wherever they go, thus improving response times and enabling work without interruptions present in a pharmacy working environment. VPNs also provide a secure solution for providing limited network access to non-employees, such as contractors or business partners.
Kosbit allows this solution to owner VPNs, contractor and partner network access can be limited to the specific servers, Webpages, or files they are allowed access to, thus extending them the network access they need to contribute to business productivity without compromising network security. This VPNs solution that Kosbit deployed helps Pharmacy to differentiate their business and services to deliver a true competitive advantage.

With a more effective, agile communications solution in place, it can enjoy better, more natural communication/collaboration; quicker decision making; reduced communications bottlenecks; and improved efficiency. And with more informed and responsive patients service, Pharmacy Dea can improve customer loyalty, increase sales, boost profitability, and ultimately manage costs more effectively through:
• Provides secure communications
• Remove limitations and complexities within legacy technology
• Allows higher scalability
• Enhances productivity by extending Pharmacy network and applications
• Reduces communications costs and increases flexibility
• Increase solution reliability and employee productivity
• Simplifies Troubleshooting
• Extensible standards-based framework


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