About Kosbit 

Leading IT Outsourcing Company of Global IT Solutions and IT Managed Services

Reducing your ICT costs without sacrificing quality
Kosbit is more than just another IT company, we are a company that is powered by passion and its core value is to assist enterprises to add value, scale, innovate, and adapt to perform. Kosbit is a global IT solutions leader specialising in business processes, managed outsourcing services, and a full global vendor for AT&T, they are ranked one of the best outsourcing providers in the world by IAOP®, providing cost-effective outsourced network design engineering services, combining a number of technologies to design IT network solutions, system integrations, and IT managed services.

Our IT solutions and services tailored to your needs
Kosbit’s and a tailored IT outsourcing services provide you with the flexibility and scalability in mind to optimise your IT infrastructure and meet your business goals. Our tailored IT Solutions and Services ranging from IT Infrastructure Architecture, Software Development, IT Consulting, Network Audit, Network Security, Cloud Computing, Virtualization Technology to BPO Services and Project Management Outsourcing, so you’ll always be covered.

Doing more with less and doing it better
Our solutions are reliable, flexible, scalable and cost-effective including infrastructure management including on-site and remote support. For global IT outsourcing services that are effective at reducing your ICT costs, improve service delivery and enable growth, choose the IT outsourcing leaders at Kosbit. We work laterally with our clients every step of the way to provide IT outsourcing services they can depend on and that will save them time and money.

A reliable partner for the telecom networks 
We have a proven track-record of designing, planning, auditing, and migrating effective network solutions for telecom providers. With a decade of experience in the IT enterprise services industry, we have partnered with some of the top tech and telecom brands and a team of our senior network consultants worked in the past through a sub-contractor, creating IT network solutions for clients such as AT&T, Telefonica, Samsung, and Orange.

Global IT telecom services 
With a wide range of IT outsourcing services provided to AT&T, Alcatel-Lucent, Nokia, & Ericsson, including 3G/4G/5G & LTE Networks services, Network Architecture and Design, Planning and Optimising, all within an affordable price structure, we cover everything related to IT. Our IT telecom specialist team includes engineers and consultant with experience of working with a significant number of top telecom providers, as well as with regional and international telecom providers and ISP.

Focus on outcomes, not activities 
It’s a fact, IT is now owned by the business and as such, we assist enterprises to align IT towards their business outcomes. At Kosbit, we are obsessed about outcomes, therefore, we’ve embraced an outcome-based model that enables a business to achieve the desired outcome and execute on a business strategy. We will always get know your business objectives, current position and where you would like to be in order to provide the relevant solutions to your organisation, and build a more reliable, cost-effective and productive IT services.

The IT outsourcing solutions you need

Headquartered in Southeast Europe/Balkans, Kosbit is an IT outsourcing company focused on using the latest IT outsourcing trends to create an extensive range of IT managed services for telecom companies, media, and financial services as well as the travel, real estate, and healthcare industries.

A highly experienced remote technical staff
Kosbit has sourced the industry’s top IT professionals including experienced Telecom Engineers, Deployment Network Specialist, Network Architect, Systems Engineer & Software Engineer, Network Surveillance Engineers, Line Technical Support Engineers, Operations, Network Optimization Engineers and Maintenance Engineers from around the world. The team of professionals at Kosbit have over 10 years of experience in the industry. No matter what your IT needs are, Kosbit can handle it. Our team is highly experienced, multi-lingual and standing by to serve you today.

Why Kosbit?

Global IT Outsourcing Services | Network Engineering | IT Infrastructure Services | IT Solutions

The most prestigious networking and academic qualifications
We have global resource and expertise and years of proven experience, having worked for major telecom clients. Our team currently hold many technology industry qualifications like Cisco (CCIE R&S), Juniper (JNCIE-SP; JNCIE-E), Microsoft (MSCE) & ORACLE (OCP) and academic qualifications from the US and UK such as BSc, MSc, CIM, PMP, ITIL, MBA and PhD in the fields of computer networking, and e-commerce. No matter what your IT needs are, Kosbit can handle it. Our team is highly experienced, multi-lingual and standing by to serve you today.

We promise a lot, but we work even harder to deliver
That’s why several blue-chip and Fortune 100 companies rely on us to drive business value and push them forward. Why? Kosbit is not like any other service providers, we act as a trusted advisor with a focus on business outcomes and align our partnerships with your business goals. We believe the primary goal of any outsourcing initiative should be to deliver greater business value quicker.

No more clutter, complexity, inflexibility, and hidden cost
Businesses are frustrated with long procurement, sourcing contract, and high prices, mediocre and not flexible services provided by service providers. Did you know that with just a few tweaks of outsourcing deals it can deliver up to 70 better results? So if considering changing your current provider or you’re fed up with complicated, inflexibility, inefficiency, we hope you’ll give Kosbit a try. We are pretty confident that you will love it.

IT managed services best practices
Kosbit’s IT managed services and operations are based on the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practice framework and ISO 9001 accreditation. Our IT managed services are delivered in accordance with ITIL best practices which ensures consistency, integrity and validation of operations across your IT infrastructures and business processes that rely on it.

Our service gives you the best IT outsourcing available
IT needs to be faster than ever. Therefore, IT department should stop thinking about long procurement cycle but as a means to deliver better service, reduce cost, and increase greater flexibility. Kosbit showcases the best value for the money IT outsourcing services and offers our clients a wide range of personalised plans to suit their specific needs. If reducing your ICT costs, improving service delivery and creating growth in your business is important to you, trust the experts at Kosbit.

The preferred Nearshoring software outsourcing destination 
Our Nearshoring team of experienced and bilingual software developers focused on agile development and scrum, situated in Southeast Europe with less than 2 hours’ flights from Western Europe. Being located in Kosovo, the country has the youngest population in Europe. Kosovo provides remarkably low operational and labour costs, with the Euro as the official currency, EU-compatible legislation and a strategic location a time zone close to major Western Europe, and has a closer cultural link to the rest of Europe.

IT outsourcing services commitments
We are dedicated to partnering with businesses and IT executives to discover if and how IT outsourcing can benefit their businesses. To learn more about Kosbit and what we can do for your company, contact us today and let one of our representatives assist you and answer any questions you might have about IT outsourcing services and how they can save you money:

  • Offers some of the IT-tailored outsourcing services to give you control over your IT operations and budgets
  • Our remote network team and on-site, 24/7 service desk, offers technical support for the server and operating system and management of client network infrastructure
  • Kosbit uses ISO 9001/PMP/ITIL best practices approach providing ongoing IT service management support
  • Works with top-tech & telecom brands including Cisco, Juniper Networks, IBM, Samsung, Microsoft, Dell, Intel and much more to deliver the best solutions for our clients
  • Industry expertise, end-to-end service offerings, and ICT integrated solutions that meet clients’ business objectives
  • Highly qualified & experienced multilingual staff in English, German, Italian, Albanian and Serbo-Croatian
  • Provides companies with their own personal IT department, without the expensive cost of employing and training personnel

How Can We Help You?
Need a remote support or in-person, you will always get our very best every single day, and we ensure you won’t find a more reliable, supportive, responsive, and easier to work with IT trusted advisor. Let us show you how we helped a company similar to yours to reduce their network operation costs, improve service delivery and enable growth. And if, for any reasons, you’re not happy with service provided and it does not make your time more efficient and effective, – then you won’t pay a thing.

Give it a try, and email us at info@kosbit.net to let us know how we can help!

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