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Kosbit is a leading information technology consulting firm located in Southeast Europe. With over a decade of IT experience, Kosbit provides IT managed services and outsourcing opportunities to both small and large businesses. We offer support and other solutions using the latest technology and software. The company is built with a ‘customer service and trust first’ mentality in an effort to build acceptance and a positive reputation in the IT industry. As one of the leading it outsourcing companies, Kosbit has served both local and international clients, including true leader vendors from US, UK, Italy, Tunisia and many projects in European Union.

Our staff is well equipped with knowledge in the field of networking & communication, IT managed services, software development and e-commerce having experience for major clients such as Airspan, Vodafone, Orange, and AT&T, with significant experience in big projects and very reputable vendors in the electronic services. They currently hold multiple technology industry certifications like Cisco, Juniper, Tellabs & Microsoft and academic qualifications from the US and UK such as BSc, MSc, MBA and PhD in the fields of computer networking and online business. 

Why Choose Us?

We have done projects with clients from industries and sectors as diverse as telecoms, media, financial services, travel, real estate, to healthcare and many more. Our team is comprised of a highly knowledgeable management team and specialized network and software engineers, in particular experienced Network Surveillance Engineers, Line Technical Support Engineers, Operations, Network Optimization Engineers and Maintenance Engineers.

The Kosbit team has extensive experience in a relevant industrial environment combined with great technical knowledge and experience in overseeing complex networks/systems and product roadmaps. Because of its location in Southeast Europe – Kosovo, Kosbit provides remarkably low operational and labor costs, with the Euro as the official currency, a time zone close to major Western Europe,  and has a closer cultural link to the rest of Europe, EU compatible legislation and a strategic location within Europe. 

  • 24/7 service desk, technical support of the server and operating system from experienced engineers
  • Qualified & experienced multilingual staff in English, German, Italian, Albanian and Serbo-Croatian
  • Provides companies with their own personal IT department, without the expensive cost of employing and training personnel


Executive Leadership Team


Our mission is to become an IT industry leader by consistently exceeding our customers’ expectations and providing the best of breed technology solutions for IT. We make it a priority to continually communicate with our customers in order to improve our products and services. Kosbit strives to deliver the best solutions for improving IT efficiency and business profitability.

We support our customers through state-of-the-art technology, innovation, leadership, and strategic partnerships.


Our vision is to deliver the best customer service in the IT industry. Our goal is to find IT solutions for any customer request.



Accountability means demonstrating the ownership necessary for achieving desired results. It has become common practice for all members within the Kosbit organization to ask themselves what else can be done to help us rise above any challenges in order to achieve the desired results.


At Kosbit, we are committed to great products, high quality service, and other initiatives that affect people both inside and outside the organization. We have the ability to plan, organize, prioritize, and execute on programs driven to align with the objectives at hand. That ability is enhanced by our commitment to achieving a consistent result every time—and to getting it right the first time.


Professionalism is the culmination of competence, knowledge, resourcefulness, quality, attitude, and cooperation. When we provide professional services, the Kosbit team strives to provide its customers with not only a superb finished product, but also with an exceptional experience over the entire course of a project. While it is important to be recognized for quality and knowledge, it is also essential to leave our customers with a positive view of our company. Demonstration of a positive attitude, competence, and cooperation on all levels creates an immeasurable positive impact when it comes to building and growing a strong customer base.


Customer Service

Every single core value links back to this primary umbrella term – customer service entails communication, accountability, integrity, professionalism, cooperation, and diligence in order to provide an exceptional product with even more exceptional service along the way.



Working with people is an absolute necessity. We find that debate and meaningful discussion are often the route to the best conclusion and eventual consensus. A generally accepted and implemented corporate culture of cooperation is essential to  the workplace. A culture of cooperation does not mean that all employees are like-minded—they are willing and able to bring together diverse views in service of the best result for our customers.



In an industry that relies on innovation, distinctive capabilities, and fresh ideas, growth is imperative, not optional. We must commit to creating prosperity in order to create economic security and financial gain for our endeavors. The Kosbit team strives to foster growth in our organization for the organization as a whole, as well as for our individual staff members. We support employees who are following continuing education opportunities, pursuing new opportunities, and we encourage alternative certifications and/or education. We support employees in this way because it creates an atmosphere of teamwork and camaraderie, expands our capabilities, and ultimately strengthens our company’s core. It is imperative that our employees seek out and succeed in achieving their own professional growth.



Diligence: to work with perseverance, work ethic, commitment, drive, passion, sense of urgency, effort, or resourcefulness. More importantly, diligence is an understanding of priorities and how to scaffold tasks appropriately. We understand that the customers’ business needs may trump specific IT options. Diligence should exist hand-in-hand with customer service, a drive to provide a quality product, and service no matter the obstacles.



Company Culture

Kosbit is also a leader in pursuing environmentally friendly methods of conducting business. Life at Kosbit is pretty sweet. We treat our workers with respect.

What do we mean by respect?

  • Without abuse or capriciousness
  • With respect for—seeking out of—employee ideas, observations, and concerns.
  • With opportunities for growth
  • With attention to the moral right of employees to have input into how their jobs and workdays are designed.



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We’re always looking for talented individuals who want to help shape the future of technology, and who believe in the power of collaboration.

If you’re the kind of person who loves working as part of a team, has a reputation for getting the job done, uses both sides of your brain, and thrives on executing great ideas and delivering results, we want to hear from you.

We do our best to create a positive work environment that celebrates our employees’ successes while offering opportunities for growth. As part of the Kosbit family of company, you’ll also gain valuable exposure to a wealth of Technology knowledge, experience, and world-class resources.

Contact us: hr@kosbit.net

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