Erëlehtë Zymberi

Jan 14, 2021

Why your company should consider data science outsourcing?

Nowadays “Big Data” is not just another future concept. We are living it. The exponential growth of the data these days is unimaginable. Only in the last year, we created most of the existing data. Also, it is assumed that in the next five years or so, we will reach the capacity of more than two hundred zettabytes of the world’s data. Read more arrow-right-icon


Gent Limani

Dec 16, 2020

Zero Trust Security: The New Approach for Network Security

Security personnel is trying to create best-in-class security, implement the best security they can. From this, most organizations have many different security devices in their network, many of which do not communicate well with each other, if at all. This can cause security lapses as varying personnel are responsible for different devices and implement the security plan that is the best for their device. Read more arrow-right-icon


Armend Ukshini

Nov 20, 2020

Opportunity in chaos: Benefits of the ITO & BPO industry in Kosovo in the face of Coronavirus

In the face of Coronavirus uncertainty, organizations face unprecedented challenges. They are working hard to mitigate the financial and operational risks that can disrupt their business continuity. Read more arrow-right-icon


Erëlehtë Zymberi

Nov 4, 2020

Privacy Protection and Law

In the digital age of data, people's way of living, their common habits and ways of thinking have undergone great changes. Digitalization has become necessary for all industries. This digitization has advantages over businesses and people themselves, although the sharing of such data, such as personal information, to the sources that can misuse them, it can be easily achieved. Read more arrow-right-icon